Bill Wiseman and Co., designs and manufactures a complete line of pressure and test barrels for all certified SAAMI calibers .17 through .50 or 20mm. All Bill Wiseman Company barrels start out as 416 stainless steel bar stock and go through a manufacturer process. Each and every barrel is button rifled, heat treated and hand lapped. Bill supervises the entire process and personally performs the critical steps for each and every barrel.
Pressure and Velocity Barrels
Pressure and Velocity Barrels are used primarily by ammunition manufacturers and ballistic laboratories to test the different pressures and velocities generated by a particular load. Each barrel had an integrated actuator port for connecting to the customers specific test equipment.
Accuracy Barrels
Accuracy Barrels are used by firearms and ammunition manufacturers to test loaded ammunition with various bullet configurations and powders with the intent of creating the most accurate bullet and load. These barrels meet the highest standards of tolerances demanded by today’s customers.
Universal Receivers
Bill Wiseman and Co., manufactures the industry standard universal receiver system used by most all of the civilian and military firearms testing labs. Individual receivers can be purchased and mounted by the customers to the customers’ own mounting system, or complete systems are available that include the receiver, mounting system and raceways. table product
A firing table is available through Bill Wiseman & Company that will adjust to different heights using a 110v AC powered hydraulic system. The motor for the unit is also available in 220v/50hz for overseas customers requiring it. It is on wheels so it can be moved easily. This table will hold the Bill Wiseman Universal Receiver Unit.
Windage and Elevation Adjustment

A windage and elevation adjustment piece is available that can attach to an existing firing bench or be used with the firing table listed above

table table
Pneumatic Firing Mechanism

Bill Wiseman has developed a pneumatic firing mechanism that eliminates 99.9% of misfires.

AR15 Complete System Test Fixture
AR 15 Upper Test Fixture 556
Pistol Barrel Test Fixture
Rifle Barrel Test Fixture

AK Test Fixture



AR Test Fixture



Bill Wiseman built his company and his reputation on serving his customers. He is available to consult with customers on new and unique projects R&D including new caliber development, new approaches to the development and testing of firearms, ammunition and ballistic technologies, and rifle action and barrel R&D. He personally stands behind every product that leaves his facility and will provide product refurbishment and maintenance services should the need arise.

Universal Receivers